December 8, 2021

Falling Between The Cracks

Posted on 16. Apr, 2011 by Administrator in Healthcare

Falling between the cracks of today’s raging Health care debate is our future the very fabric of our great nation as our children, mothers, workforce, and elderly struggle. There is no debate about the critical role health care plays in the security and safety of our great nation; the debate about reform will most assuredly delay and confound a true national solution. As a mother, a woman and daughter of this Earth, I say to you, we are all children of the Earth and we are forced to make decisions that save a life and to create better ones. We must bring to an end the folly thoughtlessness and create a healthier life. Today, none of us are strangers. Today, we all are family, stepping into the shadows, hand in hand, as a civilization creating a new generation of hope.

December, 2010 I lost my son Juan Esquijarosa, Jr, to grand Mal seizures. After many years of continual battles with the Social Security Administration, he finally was declared disabled.

Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to enjoy the efforts of his struggle. The battle was not only for his disability, but, the care he received from the state agencies, waiting to be declared disabled.

There has been an underestimation of the number of individuals with seizures in the US and therefore revisions are needed to assess manpower in order to accurately resource what is needed to care for these individuals. Epilepsy remains a devastating and unsolved puzzle for far too many people and families. The financial challenges facing academic and industry labs and enterprises create a barrier that impedes the progress of promising research ideas. Only work to accelerate the development of more effective and safer treatments can make time a friend and not an enemy of the patients and families living with epilepsy and seizures.

It is said; to be human is to care and, to care, we must all make the effort together, to create a better life. We cannot sit down and watch as our future generations die from diseases, mental depressions, hunger, lack of education and a lack of opportunity to be human. To be human means to be concerned for one another and make a better life. Can anyone say, what is and has happened, has been civilized? Ask yourselves, can we truly stand by and watch our future generations vanish?

We call ourselves, open-minded, then, we must, strive together, to make a better place to live. The moment we stop fighting for our civilizations, we lose our humanity. We have an obligation, to save our nations. If my son were here today, he would continue the fight for the life of our nation.

We have a great task ahead of us, speaking as one and being heard, united we stand, building our nations and making a better place for our future generations, through education and knowledge, using science and technology.

The time is now for all fellow human beings to be human and care and work together and create a better life. So, I ask you all now to join me, in attaining the goals of creating a new generation of hope, through education and knowledge, and being a part of humanity. As a community, we have the ability to make it work for those with medical conditions, disabilities, veterans and all else, whom have fallen between the cracks of society. Make it work for all, before they breathe their last breath.

I wish to thank: Ms. Rebecca Hurlbut, Division of Disability Determinations, whom made the disability office mission come alive: Promote, protect and improve the health of all people in Florida. Rebecca, was a person whom Juan spoke very highly of and praised her efforts to help him. The compassion and heartfelt work done in congressman, Bill Young’s office was well done by his dedicated loyal employees, which abides by his strong advocacy on improving health care for low-income children and families. Sharon Ghezzi made Juan feel like a human being of worth and he felt hope as he walked through the system of mazes to accomplish his mission. Without her, Juan would not have lived long enough to feel the comfort of success and accomplishment. The doors that, Juan opened, proved, Epilepsy, is a disability and the need to help those that have fallen between the cracks. Only, Congressman Bill Young’s office saw the need and had compassion to help, do you?

Ms. Joan SittingBull, President/CEO, Ophiuchus School of Technology


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