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Green Building Council pushes to maintain 2009 NMECC (New Mexico Energy Conservation Code)

Posted on 06. Jun, 2011 by Administrator in Energy/Environment

The US Green Building Council New Mexico Chapter strongly urges the CIC to maintain the 2009 New Mexico Energy Conservation Code. The 2009 IECC is a template, intended to be used as a base for the creation of a locally appropriate code. For this reason, CIC undertook a two-year open, democratic process to develop a code that works for New Mexico.  A diverse group of professionals from around the state volunteered their time, analyzing the template in an open process of comment and revision. Their discussion, negotiation and compromise developed the current New Mexico Energy Conservation Code, a regional overlay for the template that responds to the specific climate and building techniques unique to our state. Reverting to the 2009 IECC template does not make sense for New Mexico.

Fear of challenging economic circumstances should also not be the basis to retreat from the New Mexico-specific energy saving code. The New Mexico Energy Conservation Code offers opportunity for our communities to lead by example. The long term benefits include reduced building operating costs and cleaner, more comfortable, indoor environments for building occupants. These benefits accrue to our entire community: our natural environment, our children, our families, our employees, ourselves.  The financial savings help offset the pending utility rate increases and allow New Mexicans to choose how they spend their hard-earned money.

We accept the imperfections of a document generated by open and honest discussion about the effects of the code. Rather than make hasty changes behind closed doors, we urge the CIC to accept the open process for revision and improvement already embedded in the code. We challenge opponents of maintaining New Mexico’s Energy Conservation Code to identify specific technical problems and present solutions through the existing revision process.

Other regions and states are preparing to adopt more progressive codes, Maryland, California, Washington, New Jersey, Oregon, New York and Vermont. New national codes are already pushing beyond IECC 2009, to IECC 2012. . As you can see, NMECC is not the most progressive energy

conservation code and it will quickly require ongoing evaluation and updating to remain current. USGBC NM offers its expertise to provide technical assistance and to help assist small businesses develop energy models and reach code compliance. The USGBC—NM remains committed to changing the built environment within a generation – this requires building codes like the NMECC 2009, which require increased building performance and energy savings for our communities.

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