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Welcome to the neighborhood: Sandia Tea Party

Posted on 16. Jun, 2011 by Stephan Helgesen in Politics

A new Tea Party Group is being formed in the East Mountains. Christened the “Sandia Tea Party” by its founders, the group’s initial goals will be to promote voter education and conservative causes in the heretofore untouched area bordered by Cedar Crest/Tijeras in the West and Moriarty in the East.

Sandia Tea Party has already had an election of officers and filed documents for incorporation with the state of New Mexico.  Richard Loomis, a local radio personality, has been elected as the group’s temporary chairman. In a recent interview he stated that the group will adhere to national Tea Party principles.  Sandia Tea Party has already received support from members of the Albuquerque Tea Party and pledges to assist other like-minded organizations in areas where their interests coincide.

For those readers who have not recently opened an American History book, or done research into its activities, the current tea party movement patterns itself after those Boston patriots who took direct action against the taxation policies of the British Government and the British East India Company.  The East India Company had a virtual monopoly on all tea being sold in the colonies. The company was in the process of having three ships, anchored in Boston Harbor, prepare to return to England with their cargo of tea not having been unloaded. Harbor officials in Boston refused to process the cargo, as a form of protest against a tea tax that had been levied by the English Parliament. The colonists were not objecting the actual tax as much as the fact that the colonies had no representation in Parliament. Finally, shortly before the ships were to set sail, a group of colonists boarded the ships and threw the tea into the harbor. While others had used it 0ne of the key slogans of the day became “No taxation without representation!” The  December 16th,1773 incident remains an important event in the history of our country. This action predates the actual American Revolution by two years and reflects how a governmental “abuse of power” can bring around a major change in power.

Tea Party members, believing there have been many abuses of power by the present and recent twentieth century American governments, identify with the earlier patriots like Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Ben Franklin. These patriots were the ones who sacrificed much to give us the Constitution and our way of life.  Tea Party members believe that much has been given to us, as citizens.  Now it is up to us to focus on our Constitution and insure that it remains intact, and not violated by the sophomoric classroom theories of long dead nineteenth century European socialists.  We believe that our representatives in Washington, as well as Santa Fe, must be constantly monitored to insure they are doing the will of the people and we have the “representation” for which we elected them

Now, down to business.  Just what is the tea party?  I find that the best description is that it is a group of concerned patriotic Americans who promote a strict reliance on the Constitution, with no strict allegiance to any political party. The movement has no political candidates or incumbents. Instead, the Tea Party monitors our elected representatives  and actively supports those who pursue political issues consistent with the Constitution, whatever the party.  While the Constitution is the document that brings all Americans together, the Tea Party makes us stronger.

In line with its goals of promoting voter education,  it should be noted that while the Tea Party caters to persons who support Conservative issues, they do not endorse any specific party. If you happen to be a member of a political party and support the U.S. Constitution, You are welcome to attend and participate in our meetings. Over the next few months you may expect to hear from speakers from many political venues. If you are a representative of the people and have a message on relative issues, you may wish to consider auditioning for our speakers pool.

Some Sandia Tea Party Goals.

If one sentence were to summarize our basic philosophy, it would be the Sandia Tea Party wants to protect the Constitution and our American Way of Life.

The Party wants to unite citizens from all political venues, who profess to be conservative.

We want to promote voter education and registration.

We welcome all citizens regardless of race, creed, religion, or political affiliation, as long as they support the Constitution.

Without endorsing any political faction, we want to identify political figures whose personal conduct reflect high ethical standards and are against further government encroachment in our daily lives.

We want to maintain regular communication with elected representatives to insure they are aware of the wants and needs of their constituents.

While not part of any official agenda, It might be a good time to also look at the following local issues:

1.  Holding governmental leaders accountable for their failure to do anything about the energy crisis. For example, Senator Bingaman is in charge of the senate energy committee,  yet what, if anything, has he done? Why are foreign countries allowed to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, while U.S. companies cannot?  What about drilling in so-called easily-accessable “protected areas” like Otero Mesa.  For those politicians who are not aware of it, we do have energy problems!

2.  What about the seemingly “Get Out of Jail Free” attitude of the courts in our state,  as regards Drunken drivers.  How many more people have to die because of inaction  by our state’s judiciary.  Is it not time to treat repeat drunken drivers, as felons?

3.  Training persons to man and staff voting registrar booths at community events. Providing poll watchers to monitor activities at polling stations to lesson the posibilities of fraudulent voting.

The Sandia tea Party is proud to announce that Jon Barela, the Governor’s  secretary designate  for economic development, has accepted our invitation to speak at the organization’s first general assembly (open meeting). He will present the Governor’s economic plan on June 12th at 3:00PM at the Vista Grande Community Center, next to East Mountain High School in Cedar Crest. If you want to see how the administration plans to implement its new economic plan, don’t miss this event! See how Mr. Barela responds to “We the People.” If you have questions, want to help support, or join our organization, please remain after the meeting on the 12th and  a member will assist you.  Our new website will be operational in approximately two weeks.

Bob Steiner, a Tea Party Supporter in Edgewood

(Editor: We received this editorial after the actual event took place. Those interested in learning more are advised to contact Mr. Steiner at


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