January 29, 2023

Please Help a Starving Bear!

Posted on 19. Aug, 2011 by Stephan Helgesen in Energy/Environment, NM

Hunger kills. The drought that devastated much of New Mexico’s forests is not the fault of the creatures that inhabit them. We at the New Mexican Voice ask you for your compassion and to help keep a few more of God’s precious creatures alive – to give them a fighting chance to go back to the wild again.

Dr. Kathleen Ramsey, who works with the Wildlife Center in Espanola, is taking in starving bears and feeding them to release at a later date.  The New Mexico Game & Fish has for years taken young bears to her to rehabilitate.

She now has 19 bears including the starving 40-pound 2 year old bear found in the Albuquerque’s Southeast Heights that was recently shown on TV.

Ramsey is going through 150 lbs. of dog food a day! She buys  l,000 lbs. of food at a time. You can help defray the cost of providing this valuable public service for some fortunate cub bears.

If you can send something, make your check out to:

The Wildlife Center, PO Box 246, Espanola, NM 87532
Write ‘FOR BEARS ONLY’ on your checks.

Ramsey only has room for three more bears and will most likely need to expand the number of cages in this bad year for bears. Jan Hayes of New Mexico Bear Watch is looking for handy people who can help construct more chain-link metal bear cages, should the need arise. Please call Jan at 505/281-9282 if you would like to help her erect metal cages.

Ramsey’s bear/rehabilitation facility is north of Espanola along the Chama River. Thanks for helping the bears. If we do not care for the least of us, most of us will suffer.

- Editor


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