January 19, 2021

NM Driving Licenses to Illegals: An Affront to U.S. Security

Posted on 17. Feb, 2012 by Stephan Helgesen in Politics, Social/Cultural

The New Mexico Senate once again showed its true colors by not supporting legislation that would have  overturned New Mexico’s driving license law that allows illegal aliens (or undocumented migrants as they are likely to be called by the Democrats) to obtain an important transitional ID card. This is further proof that our Democrat Senators (not one Republican voted to retain it) are motivated by either a deep-rooted open borders ideology or are unwilling to follow the wishes of the voters who overwhelmingly (some 70%+) opposed the law.

This is not a racial or ethnic issue; it’s a security issue

With this vote, New Mexico retains its number one position as the laughingstock of the rest of the nation with its head-in-the-sand mentality about the real security dangers our current law presents. The claim that the Richardson Administration made about the law’s passage boosting the number of insured drivers on New Mexico’s roads was probably a Trojan Horse for the real reasons: so that Governor Richardson could ingratiate himself with an ethnic group that didn’t quite view him as one of their own or a wish to appease our neighbor to the south during a time when he had aspirations to a higher political office.

There is absolutely no proof to that hypothesis, but what other reasons would there be? Was he intent on compromising the security of our flying public by giving possible criminals who held legitimately issued documents a way to get on board or was he interested in increasing the number of potential voters who would use this license to obtain a legitimate voter ID card (and who would presumably vote for him)? I don’t think so.

Then what other reasons are left except the flimsy argument that by giving people who are here illegally a way to legal status on our roads they will immediately take out expensive liability and collision insurance policies for themselves and their vehicles? Does anyone really believe that would – or has – happened and where are the statistics that prove it?

No, it is more likely that this NM driving license issuance must be viewed as the first legitimization building block in protecting our illegal aliens from getting their cover blown while they’re here. We know it created an industry of illegal license sales by companies that specialized in getting them for paying clients, thus causing a lack of credibility for NM driving licenses around the U.S.

The real reasons for the Senate’s ‘no’

I suspect there may be other reasons why all but one Democrat Senator voted to maintain the status quo. It could be because a large percentage of the Senators’ constituents are among that group of illegal immigrants that have these licenses already or they are related to people who have these licenses. Had they voted to take them away they would have been roundly criticized for discriminating against refugees from a failed economic state. They would have risked being called ‘turncoats,’ ‘racists’ or worse. Like so much in New Mexico, it’s all about politics. Too bad there aren’t more stringent licensing requirements for politicians.

- Editor


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