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Guardian Angels of the Missing in Action – The Hunt for Chico

Posted on 25. Jun, 2012 by Stephan Helgesen in Social/Cultural

Thousands and thousands of dogs and cats go missing each year in the U.S., leaving behind thousands of tearful worried human families. If you’ve ever lost a pet you know the range of emotions a person goes through. This is a story of a cat, a group of extraordinarily caring and helpful people and a quest. It is a story without a final chapter…

About two months ago my wife was sitting on our unfenced front lawn watching our two Maine Coon cats enjoy the coolness of the grass, the crisp April air and the opportunity to be outside with her.

This 1-2 hour timeout from being house- and backyard bound was a daily occurrence for them during the last two years, something both Mokka and Chico enjoyed immensely. All of a sudden, Chico, our 6-year old male Maine Coon was spooked by a neighbor cat that came out from nowhere. Scared, he ran off into the underbrush.

Hours of calling his name and visits to the neighbors followed. He was sighted a couple of times within the next ten days, but that was it. Several more days passed. A mountain lion was spotted not far from our house (we live in the mountains of New Mexico) and the word spread quickly that house pets were on the  big cat’s menu.

Families battened down the hatches and kept close watch on their animals. We, too, were afraid that Chico’s life was in danger.

Like most owners of runaway pets we prepared flyers and posted them by the rows of rural mailboxes, put ads in the local paper and went house-to-house in search of little Chico, but after a couple of weeks had no leads… and had run out of ideas.

That was when my sister in Illinois called and suggested I contact an experienced pet psychic to get an opinion. At this point, I must admit that I have long since bid farewell to skepticism about metaphysical things.

Because I’m a believer in a divine force and a merciful God that created our universe, it wasn’t a leap of faith for me to believe that there are those among us who have highly-developed senses and abilities and are able to communicate free of the constraints of our physical voices, eyes and ears.

“Hello. I’m Stephan Helgesen, and I was recommended to you by________________.”       The person on the other end of the line was Diane Gianlorenzo, Guardian Angel Number One, an experienced and highly successful pet psychic, and as I would find out later, a true protector and defender of all furry, four-footed MIAs.

After a short conversation during which she established her bona fides by giving me information about myself and Chico that she couldn’t otherwise have known, we went through the checklist of things that every pet owner needs to do in order to find a missing pet.

Her practicality helped reassure me that before we contact the spiritual world we need to make sure that we’ve done everything in our power in the physical world to locate our animals.

After going through the checklist, she got in touch with Chico. She saw him and spoke with him. While I don’t fully understand how this communication takes place, I have no doubt that it does and that Diane was indeed having real conversations with Chico.

She told me of places where he had been and then asked if I would like it verified. I said, yes, so she suggested the services of a rescue dog that could pick up Chico’s scent.

Not being familiar with dog rescue services, I contacted the owner of a local pet finder service – Guardian Angel Number Two, Joyce Lewis of East Mountain Pet Alert who gave me a lead on a couple who were willing to help me search for Chico with their bloodhound, Genghis.

I met up with Stephanie and Robert Long (Guardian Angels Three and Four) and Genghis at the point where Diane had said she saw Chico. Genghis was introduced to Chico’s scent and off he went, nose to the ground, excited and sure of where he was going.

After a couple miles, Genghis was thrown off the scent by a pack of dogs, so we had to stop for the day as his confusion was keeping him from pursuing the trail.

Though we didn’t find Chico, three important things happened: 1. Diane’s credibility was now firmly reinforced, 2. we now knew that Chico was on the other side of the highway, and 3. we knew he was alive because of the strength of the scent.

Over the days and nights to follow, Diane was relentless in her contacts with Chico and relayed the encounters to me (which gave me the strength to carry on looking for him). One day, she asked me if I knew anything about ‘dowsing.’ I said, no.

She filled me in on the science of finding things through a unique combination of psychic ability and mapping. She said that she had long wanted to contact a map dowser who had success in finding people for police departments and for finding pets, and that Chico’s case was one the dowser might be interested in.

Enter Guardian Angel Number Five, Ginette Matacia Lucas.  Ginette’s reputation as an experienced practitioner of dowsing was known by many in the law enforcement world, but totally unknown to me.

I let the communication flow between Diane and Ginette for awhile so that they could get used to each other but soon found both of them ready and willing to help me locate Chico who had now been gone for three weeks.

In order to make it easier for Diane (and especially Ginette who relied more heavily on maps and photos to be effective) I photographed 50-60 houses in the area in which Ginette had said that she had seen Chico and made special maps of the Ramblewood Subdivision from Google Maps. I sent them to Ginette to form a search area.

We would communicate by cellphone when one or both had Chico on the line, and then the chase to find him was joined. Driving to landmarks they got from Chico, we stopped the car, shook a bag of his favorite treats to make a very familiar noise and called his name, repeatedly.

At times we got close but not close enough. Chico was skittish and wary of contact and certainly didn’t like the sound of car engines AND DOGS!  His new area was a veritable minefield of dogs and dog pens, and Chico was laying low, preferring the safety of a hiding place rather than responding to our calls.

This made the search frustrating. It was clear that Diane and Ginette had to build up his confidence and herd him to a safe area where he would feel comfortable in showing himself. We chose one particular spot and repeatedly encouraged him to go there.

Over the next few weeks we had 3-4 confirmed sightings of Chico from several of Chico’s new human lookouts in the subdivision. The area itself was huge and was heavily forested and mountainous. It was also perfect cover for a fearful cat, but it was like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

It was then that I took Diane’s suggestion to set up some live animal traps, baiting them with his favorite canned cat food. Four traps were set up on the four corners of what we felt was his new territory. Several kind-hearted people gladly offered to host them on their property, and I would drive by the traps every morning to check them. I managed to snare six raccoons and two feral cats, but no Chico. My wife and daughters said that they weren’t surprised, that Chico was either too smart or too scared to go in them.

Abandoning the traps, we entered the current phase of Operation Find Chico – friendly persuasion. No one should ever discount the power of prayer or the power of a thought, especially those that are expressed out of genuine love and concern. How many of us have ever prayed to God for mercy or for help, or sent our energy aloft, directed to a loved one? Probably most of us.

That’s what we’re doing now, coupled with regular trips to his last known whereabouts. Diane continues to contact Chico, comforting him and persuading him that it’s time to show himself and turn himself in.

The entire ordeal has been a test of endurance, of faith and patience. Diane Gianlorenzo put it very succinctly and very compassionately, “There is a reason that all this is happening and several lessons to be learned from it. Only you can figure them out and apply them to your life.”

Diane and Ginette are still very much in his life, too as they speak with him, bringing him the message that his people love him and want him back.

I am convinced that they have helped him stay alive these past two months. I know that their compassion, kindness and support have helped me keep hope alive, and for that I will always be grateful to them.

We have not given up and are still actively looking for Chico, so if any of you see him please call me at 505/239-0008 or email at stephanhelgesen@cs.com

These Guardian Angels and the wonderful people of Ramblewood Subdivision in Tijeras, NM have restored my faith in the inherent goodness of strangers and made me thank God for all those who labor tirelessly to help reunite our lost pets with their human families.

It is, after all, the least we can do for those who give us so much unconditional joy and love.

Those interested in contacting Diane Gianlorenzo may do so at her website: www.dianegianlorenzo.com or call her at 386/308-1356 or by email at: inspirit888@yahoo.com

Ginette Matacia Lucas may be reached  at: www.paranormaladvisors.com or by email at matacia1111@yahoo.com

Joyce Lewis of East Mountain Pet Alert may be reached at: www.eastmountainpetalert.org

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