January 25, 2021

Newest State Senator takes office Oct 26th

Posted on 05. Nov, 2012 by Stephan Helgesen in Politics

The newest New Mexico State Senator will be sworn into office on Friday. Republican Pat Woods of Broadview, New Mexico will take his oath of office at the Curry County Courthouse in Clovis at 4:00 p.m. on October 26, 2012.  He will represent District 7 which includes the far Central Eastern and Northeaster part of the state.

“Releasing the New Mexican potential” is what Woods said he looks forward to helping to do while in office. “I believe in a better state, a better world,” Woods said on the eve of his swearing-in. “I am grateful to be in a position to work towards re- releasing the American initiative, releasing the New Mexico spirit so hardworking men and women can once again strive for their dreams. I want them to reach their potential with the encouragement of government, not with government intrusion or interference.”

Woods, who  is a farmer and a rancher and who operates a 100-year-old family farm said he recalls his 94-year-old grandfather telling him that the current generation will see and experience changes in their lives that he  never could have imagined.  Woods said it is an exciting time in history and that he will take every opportunity in his new position as a State Senator to help shape a better future for the next generation, while offering encouraging the current generation.

Woods said education is key to success. “Parental involvement is critical in the education of their children so they will be prepared to start school with their young minds focused on education,” Woods said. “We need to encourage that parental involvement, without it, the state will need to step in with incentives for early childhood initiatives.”

Water is also a critical for the future of Eastern New Mexico, Woods said.  “Water is a major issue in Eastern New Mexico. Our main concerns are where future water supplies will come from so we are able to have future development.”

Woods said a pipeline from the Ute Reservoir, which is the nearest source of renewal water,  is something he  will help develop. In the meantime, he said he will investigate an opportunity for the agricultural industry to lease some of its water from the underground aquifer into a pipeline that could be used by Clovis and Portales residents.

He says the Ute pipeline should be started next to Clovis so the potential of leased water from the ag industry could begin flowing as soon as possible and before a pipeline is completed all of the way to the Ute Reservoir.

As a State Senator, Wood said he would also like to take the opportunity to examine the control of the Federal Government over land in the state and the best used for those lands for the betterment of New Mexicans.

Woods said he looks forward to working towards repealing the state law that allows people who are in the state illegally to obtain New Mexico drivers’ licenses.

“What part of illegal do they not understand,” Woods said, “We should not be encouraging people to come to our state illegally by awarding them with our New Mexico state sanctioned driver’s licenses. It is a security issue that has the potential to threaten the safety and security of our state.”

Woods was appointed to the State Senate seat by Governor Susana Martinez to replace Republican Senator Clint Harden of Clovis who chose not to run for re-election and resigned his seat earlier this month.   Woods is the only candidate on the ballot in the general election for District 7 and would have taken office in January 2013. He will be one of 42 State Senators, all of the Senate Seats are up for election this November.   He will represent District 7 includes portions of Curry, and Quay and all of  Union Counties.   Woods will be sworn-in by District Court Judge Ted Hartley.

This was submitted by the New Mexico State Senate at the State Capitol, Santa Fe. Contact: 505-986-4702































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