The Real Gun Control Argument

Posted on 24. Jan, 2013 by Stephan Helgesen in Politics, Social/Cultural

It’s about time we took off our politically correct muzzle, removed our rose-colored glasses and talked about the real reason many Second Amendment supporters are pushing back at the anti-gun forces with extreme prejudice.

The reason is simply this… many don’t trust their government and have lost faith in that government’s willingness to protect its citizens’ basic freedoms as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

These low-trust citizens are really fall-away Americans who are now viewing many of their government’s decisions with extreme skepticism. They have come to this conclusion over a number of years and over several political administrations.

I believe their distrust has deepened and grown enormously over the last four years but that it started in earnest under President George W. Bush with the enactment of the Patriot Act, which was for many an infringement on their privacy rights.

To be sure, the Patriot Act became law during a period of intense terrorism and was designed, according to the Administration, to protect our liberties rather than prevent us from pursuing them, but the result was a considerable increase in the government’s ability to surveil us, thus limiting our basic rights to privacy. (Don’t forget, fall-away Americans guard their privacy and their right to be left alone as passionately as any other freedom.)

The proof is in the decisions

Low-trust Americans and critics point to real decisions the current Administration has taken to bolster their case for withholding their confidence.

Some of those decisions were rendered by the President himself like the one that totally ignored the Immigration and Naturalization Act by slow-walking and then down-prioritizing the deportation of certain immigrant groups rather than adhering to the regulations which only permit this act for individuals.

Then there were those made by America’s chief law enforcement officer and the Justice Department like Operation Fast and Furious, the nose-thumbing of Congress on this issue, the refusal to prosecute voter intimidation cases, etc.

Others made by Administration surrogates like the Democrat dominated Congress that bullied the Patients’ Affordable Healthcare Act to passage seemed to seal the deal for the skeptics…that is until the recent Vice-President led task force on gun control.

For many fall-away Americans this task force, along with several pending gun bills and the media’s mobilization of anti-gun activists, is viewed as the Battle of the Bulge for the Second Amendment — AND they’ve dug in and are not going to give up without a fight.

That’s why Liberals should not chuckle when they see bumper stickers the likes of: “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.” These people mean business and will not go quietly into the dark night as they have checked out of the third person and checked into the active voice.

A quick look at booming NRA membership and skyrocketing gun and ammunition sales will tell even the most naive observer that something’s up and it’s not support for omnibus gun legislation spearheaded by Presidential Executive Order.

Invasions are easy to recognize

Fall-away Americans are also looking at the media and seeing the handwriting on the wall. Here I speak of the Journal News newspaper in Westchester County that recently revealed the names and addresses and interactive Google map of all gun owners in that county – an action that has put gun-owners and non gun-owners alike at risk from an escalation in home burglaries.

A loss of Second Amendment rights is often preceded by a loss of First Amendment rights. Just ask the peoples of Poland about their occupation in 1939 by the Nazis under trumped-up charges they were persecuting Sudeten Germans living there. How many weapons were confiscated from the Poles? Answer: All of them.

This falling domino method of losing rights has been used by many oppressors, but the West Germans learned their lesson after WWII. They banned the gathering of unnecessary information on German citizens and the sharing of it with other government agencies in contrast to what the Nazis and the Stasi did. The law is called the ‘Datenschutz’ (data protection), and it enshrines the right of German citizens’ privacy.

Fall-away Americans believe that by creating a federal registry of guns and gun-owners and then sharing this information with any/all government agencies will perfectly position an unethical or rogue government to keep tabs on its citizens and enable it to tax, regulate and eventually confiscate America’s weapons. Even trusting citizens should be worried about this possibility, because once set in motion, the domino could fall backwards or forwards taking other rights down with it.

We must not trifle with our Bill of Rights nor should we believe as many progressives and liberals do that it is a work in progress. No. It is like the Ten Commandments. After all, God didn’t tell Moses these were the Ten Suggestions, and our founding fathers didn’t call the Bill of Rights the Bill of Possible Options either.

- Editor


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