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New Legislative Update

Posted on 09. Feb, 2013 by Stephan Helgesen in Politics

For Immediate Release  Friday, February 08, 2013 Contact: 505-986-4702

New Mexico State  Senate Republican Office

Committees took action Friday PM  Feb. 8, 2013on the following Republican Senate Bills:




SB 77 SJC DP   7-3    Sponsor: Rue EMS PROVIDER BACKGROUND CHECKS goes to Senate Floor

From Friday AM:





For Immediate Release Friday, February 8, 2013 Contact: 986-4702

New Mexico Senate Minority Office

On to Senate Floor- Background Checks for EMTs

“This is a public trust and safety issue.”

Senate Bill 77- Criminal Background Checks for EMTs

Senator Sander Rue

On to Senate Floor, passed SJC 7-3,  DP 8-0 from SPAC

“This is a public trust and safety issue,” Senator Sander Rue said of SB 77. “This bill was created to increase public health and safety for New Mexicans seeking emergency medical services.” Senator Rue said helpless people needing emergency care in their homes or at the scene of an accident can feel more confident that the emergency medical technician (EMT) or paramedic  touching them is not a convicted criminal like a child molester,  if  SB 77  becomes law.

Senate Sander Rue of Albuquerque is sponsoring SB77 that would require EMTs, paramedics and all of those licensed under the Emergency Medical Services Act to pass qualified background checks in order to be licensed in the state of New Mexico.

“People needing emergency care in their homes are in a very helpless situation. They need to feel confident that the people they are allowing into their homes when they are most vulnerable, are not criminals that could do them more harm. A background check for EMTs could easily identify areas of concern in an EMTs background,” Senator Rue said. “People deserve to feel at ease that the person rendering assistance has had a thorough background check.”

Senator Rue’s bill would require applicants and licensees under the Emergency Medical Services Act to submit to nationwide criminal background checks. The bill also requires the applicants and licenses pay for the background checks and fingerprinting for a fee of $52.50.

The fingerprints would be sent to the FBI for a national criminal history background check and to the Department of Public Safety for a state criminal history. The requirement needs to be placed in statute in order for the FBI to give out this background information.  The bill also requires that criteria be established regarding what information from the background checks may form the basis of denial, suspension or revocation of a license or any other disciplinary action.   There is also a provision allowing for appeals under the Uniform Licensing Act.


For Immediate Release  Friday, February 08, 2013  Contact: 505-986-4702

New Mexico State Senate Republican Office

No Skills, Knowledge Test for

Hired Custom Harvester Drivers

“Helps farm neighbors be neighborly.”

SB 202 – Farm-Related Industries Driver’s License

Senator Cliff R. Pirtle

Video and Audio Avail: http://youtu.be/4v3xwTvAggY

(Santa Fe) Senator Cliff Pirtle (R-Roswell) wants to correct an oversight in the law that treats the drivers of hired custom harvesters and commercial farm and ranch operators that travel the back roads of New Mexico within 150 miles of the owners farm or ranch differently.

Senator Pirtle’s SB 202 would grant the hired custom harvesters the ability to receive the same exemptions that  farm and ranchers  currently receive.

“Under this correction in the law, all harvesters- for hire or private- will be treated the same and will enjoy the same exemptions. They will be able to get the new CDL C class license,” Senator Pirtle said. “In addition to their own fields, this will help farmers harvest their neighbor’s fields without having to take the knowledge and skills test. It helps farm neighbors be neighborly.”

Pirtle’s bill adds a new section to the motor vehicle code to allow employees of certain farm-related service industries to obtain restricted commercial driver’s licenses, if they meet all of the qualifications for that license, without having to take commercial driver’s license (CDL) knowledge and skills tests.


For Immediate Release   February 8, 2013  Contact:  505-986-4702

New Mexico Senate Minority Office

Ensure Clean Water by Maintaining Clean Water Tanks

Senate Minority Caucus Chair’s Bill to do that

Senate Passed  39-0 : Senate Floor Substitute for SB 93 – City Water Storage Tank Contractors

Senator Steven P. Neville

Video-Audio avail at: http://youtu.be/Z8cpM0Rz1z4

Santa Fe—It is a simple premise. Clean water needs to be stored in clean water tanks in order to remain clean.  Unmaintained rusty, grimy, dirty water tanks store…you guessed it…what ends up being rusty, grimy, dirty water.  Senate Minority Caucus Chair Steve Neville is sponsoring a bill to better ensure that New Mexico communities are able to clean, repair and maintain their water tanks in a timely manner that won’t bust the bank. A simple change in the current law will help do this.

His bill SB 93-City Water Storage Tank Contractors- will allow communities to hire on a contractual basis companies to maintain their water tanks over a period of years rather than require all the maintenance be completed and paid for in one year as current law requires. A floor substitute for the bill that made a slight change from the municipal code to the purchasing act passed 39 to 0.

Senator Neville said a former mayor of Farmington brought the problem to his attention. “It will be more manageable for our communities to be able to have what ends up as being a maintenance agreement paid for over several years rather than what we have now. Now we have what is in essence a capital project that needs to be paid for in one year. Can you imagine what is happening  to their budgets, or to the quality of their drinking water when some of our smaller communities need to clean and repair more than one water tank at upwards of $500,000 a tank and they cannot afford it?” Senator Neville said.

He said the New Mexico Municipal League supports this legislation and has adopted Resolution 2012-9 in support. “There could also be a cost savings to our communities by using multi-year contracts,” Neville said.

This bill enacts a new section of the municipal code to allow a municipality to contract for water storage tank maintenance through direct negotiations or by request for proposals. Current law does not allow municipalities to procure and enter into multi-year agreements for water tank maintenance. Allowing a municipality to enter into a multi-year agreement would allow for a more comprehensive and consistent maintenance system with one contractor being

Responsible for maintenance rather than multiple contractors for specific tasks.

Currently, 41 states now allow municipalities to enter into multi-year professional services agreements for tank maintenance.


For Immediate Release Friday, February 08, 2013  Contact: 505-986-4702

New Mexico State Senate Republican Office

New Twist to Deterring Corrupt Officials-

Throw ‘em out and take their Cash

AG and SOS support bill

SB 238 – Removal From Public Office for Felonies

Senator Mark Moores

Audio and Video Avail at: http://youtu.be/eRgGFAskbl0

(Santa Fe) There is a new twist to deterring an old problem. What to do with a corrupt government official who will not leave office.

“Throw them out of office immediately upon a felony conviction and turn over their campaign funds to the state,” that is a solution offered by State Senator Mark Moores (R-Albuquerque) in his SB 238- Removal from Public Office for Felonies. It is a solution supported by both the Attorney General and the Secretary of State.

Unlike many other anti-corruption initiatives before it, Senator Moores’ bill extends the removal from public office to cabinet secretaries and to anyone appointed to a public board or commission.

“Under my bill, there will be no question about what to do with the seat of an elected public official, cabinet secretary or an appointee who has been convicted of a felony while in office,” Senator Moores said. “The corrupt and disgraced public leader shall be deemed to have resigned from that office immediately upon conviction and the office will be deemed vacant. Plus, all funds belonging to that person’s campaign committee then shall be subject to forfeiture to the general fund to be used for the benefit of the public.”

Under SB 238 a “Public office” is defined to mean any elected office, any cabinet position, or any appointed position on a public board or commission.

The State Attorney General, Gary K. King, supports SB 238 and thanked Senator Moores for sponsoring it.  “I am pleased to support it. Your proposal is consistent with other public corruption initiatives I have supported and pursed…I believe it is a good addition to current law.”

Senator Moores said the Secretary of State’s (SOS)  office states that it “supports the public policy regarding the forfeiture of campaign funds upon a felony conviction.”


For Immediate Release  Friday, February 8, 2013  Contact: 505-986-4702

New Mexico State Senate Republican Office

Cell Phones to become like Smuggled-in Guns and Drugs in prison- Contraband

Bill to Ban Cell Phones from Being Brought Into Prison Cells

On Senate Floor Calendar This Afternoon

SB 40aa – No Electronic Communications in Jails

Senator Sander Rue

(Santa Fe) Cell phones and other electronic devices are contraband, just like smuggled in guns, drugs, and drug paraphernalia,   if they are brought into a jail or prison for the purpose of giving them to an inmate under an amended bill sponsored by State Senator Sander Rue (R-Albuquerque.)

“The purpose of the bill is to prevent inmates from using cell phones to continue to engage in criminal activity like drug trafficking from their cells,” Senator Rue said. “This law is to deter family members, friends or even correctional staff from giving inmates cell phones. Cell phones and other electronic devices will be added to the list of contraband that includes guns, drugs and drug paraphernalia. The law needs to keep up with the ever-changing technology.”

Senator Rue said the purpose of the bill is not to criminally punish visitors or staff who accidently or inadvertently bring cell phones into a jail or prison.

The bill adds “electronic communication or recording device” to the list of contraband not to be brought into a correctional facility. The bill defines “electronic communication or recording device” as excluding “a device that is or will be used by prison or jail personnel in the regular course of business or that is otherwise authorized by the warden”.

Cell phones and electronic communications or recording devices will be added to the list of items considered contraband. It will now be a third degree felony to bring an electronic device into a prison and a fourth degree felony to bring an electronic device into a jail.

Senator Rue said in the past year, 17 employees were caught with cell phones in NMCD prisons without advance permission, violating NMCD policy. Additionally, 9 cell phones were confiscated from inmates. “It is reasonably assumed that the inmates got the cell phones from either a visitor or a correctional employee and that has to stop for the safety of the correctional facility and for the public,” Senator Rue said.


For Immediate Release Thursday, February 07, 2013 Contact: 505-986-4702

New Mexico State Senate Republican Office

SB 258 Professional Licenses for Military and Spouses- passed SPAC 7-0, on to SJC

Senator Bill Burt-(R-Alamogordo)

Santa Fe- A bill that encourages members of the military and their spouses to live and work in New Mexico by giving them a break on obtaining professional licenses in the state in headed to the Senate Judiciary Committee after the Senate Public Affairs Committee passed it unanimously this afternoon.

Senator Bill Burt (R-Alamogordo) sponsored SB 258 Professional Licenses for Military and Spouses- allows expedited occupational and professional licensing of military service member, spouses of military service members and veterans who are licensed in other states.

“For all people wanting to live and work in New Mexico, the state should process their professional and occupational license applications in a timely manner,” Senator Burt said. “Members of the military who are active duty or recent veterans and their spouses who have obtained occupational licenses in other states or jurisdictions should receive reciprocity with those licenses so we encourage them to live and work in New Mexico without causing them much delay.”

Senator Burt’s bill calls for issuing a license to a qualified applicant who submits satisfactory evidence that the applicant holds a license that is current and in good standing and that the licensing requirements are substantially equivalent to the licensing requirements for that occupation or profession in New Mexico. In additional to cities and states, jurisdictions in the bill could include a branch of the United States Armed Forces.


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Editor – The preceding were submitted by Diane Kinderwater of the New Mexico State Senate Republican Office



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