September 23, 2023

About the New Mexican Voice

About The New Mexican Voice, Inkwell photographYou’re witnessing a new kind of statewide online newspaper. Born of frustration with the traditional print media’s inability to run all the important op eds and articles submitted to them, we’ve created “V” to be a forum for serious people to get their words in print. While we’re not a blog, we do encourage reader comments to the articles in much the same fashion as a ‘Letter to the Editor,’ so you can see how others feel.

We’ve done our best to make it easy for you by categorizing the issues into six different readers’ fora: Economy, Energy/Environment, Education, Healthcare, Politics, and Social/Cultural. That way you can go right to the section that appeals most to you so you can start reading immediately.

Much is happening in our state, and we want to make it easy for you to access the other online newspapers that are working hard to cover local stories in their own communities. That’s why we’ve included hyperlinks to take you directly to their papers. Because we’re non-partisan, we’ve also chosen to link you to 40 syndicated national columnists from the left and from the right of the political spectrum. And finally, we’ve added a link to ‘Newseum’ that will take you to the front pages of newspapers all around the world! Some internet marketers say that it’s risky to use these links because they will invite readers to leave a site. We think differently.

We know you’re busy and that you want one reliable site that will give you most of what you want and then helps you get the rest, elsewhere! That’s called, respecting the customer.
We think you’ll make us your first stop of the day and that you’ll keep coming back to read and then re-link up with your favorite places AND come back to us again.

Our editorial policy is simple and straightforward. While we strongly support free speech, we value solid writing and good persuasive arguments. We don’t condone personal attacks or debasement of individuals and we reserve the right to refuse articles that contain such remarks and will ban ‘the bad guys’ from our site for your protection.

So, whatever your point of view, we invite you to be a part of this exciting new venture. Send us your articles at Our voice is your voice.

Stephan Helgesen,

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